Avast Password: Options And Benefits

Make your passwords unbreakable and protect your accounts from hackers with the Avast app. It is a secure solution that makes logging into the system easy and secure. Improved security is provided through data encryption using 5-step encryption.

There is no need to memorize or record a huge number of different passwords. You will never forget your passwords.

Features from New Avast Options:

This option does not just protect your data and your system. It optimizes work with passwords, simplifies the process of working on the Internet, protects against hacking and much more:

  • Create strong, unique passwords.
  • Save and securely store all data for entry.
  • Secure storage of your personal and billing information.
  • Autofill online forms.
  • Password synchronization through your devices.
  • Easily and securely provides access to all your accounts.
  • Notify if any of your passwords are stolen to the network.
  • Save time when logging into websites and accounts.
  • Store all your sensitive data in one safe place accessible from all your devices.

Avast passwords are distributed under two licenses: the first is free, the second is commercial, with several functional additions. The list of functions of the program, which the user receives a free license.

Other Useful Properties from Avast Password Protector

To store the password is used five-step coding. The probability of unauthorized decoding is zero because everyone knows that the browser is the most vulnerable place for storing logins entered. Therefore, the program transfers the saved passwords from the browser to the server, which provides security. In addition, the program can please the user with other advantages.

The ease and friendliness of the interface. Avast’s programs have earned a reputation for being understandable and flexible. Each program uses a simple and intuitive interface, whether it is an antivirus or anonymizer. Even if the user first encountered the company’s software, in five minutes will figure out the program settings. In a couple of clicks, the user changes the settings of the program, adapting it to fit his needs. Interaction with the computer has not been so simple and straightforward.

One password instead of ten difficult combinations. The user gets access to the program by entering a password identifier that performs the role and login at the same time. Remember one complex combination and get through it access to the necessary sites.

All in one place. Computer, tablet, smartphone – each of the devices is somehow connected with the input of passwords. Avast Passwords for the computer collects the entered keys from each device used and stores them on the server. By the same rule, data transfer for entering social networks works Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For each of the services, the program will remember the login information. Information is recorded in the form and is used to instantly enter the site.

How Different is the Commercial Version

As mentioned above, the program is distributed under two licenses. In both, there is a function described above. The differences are in the presence of security features in the paid version. If a social network or email account is hacked, the premium version of Avast Passwords informs the user.

Plus in the program is also that it is multiplatform. There is a version of the extension for Mac OS X, Password Version for Android, and for iOS or iPhone. This extension does not extend as a separate product. The program is installed as an addition to the already installed Avast company antivirus. On the official website are indicated: the price, as well as the terms of distribution for each type of license