Best Headset for Conference Calls

So far, the best headsets for conference calls are only available for PCs and allows you to view 2D resources in virtual and augmented reality. Thanks to open-source, developers will be able to create their own programs and extensions for the browser, the company said.

Google Best Headset for Conference Calls

Using Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities and a virtual reality headset, the scientists created a device they called a “hallucination machine” that works by taking certain psychotropic substances.

The process of creating these “headphones with microphone” took several years. It is designed to help professionals understand how the brain processes perceived information, and how reality and hallucinations differ in this perception. The ideal solution if you work only at your desk and you need the best possible sound quality with one or two headphones.

“Or maybe reality is one of the types of hallucinations? This is the question that researchers at the Sackler Center for the Science of Consciousness at the University of Sussex in the UK want to answer. And now they have special, computer-generated visual effects to get the answer.” – notes the publication.

Savi Go – headset for computer and mobile phone:

  • USB connection;
  • the radius of action – up to 70 meters;
  • weight: 21 gr;
  • talk time – up to 6 hours;
  • work in standby mode – up to 60 hours;
  • headset activity indicator;
  • speaker volume control;
  • recommended for MOC 2021.

According to the description in the patent, switching between modes can be done using a special button or automatically when the user moves the headphones to a certain position. In order to avoid switching to speaker mode when the headphones are on the user’s head, the company will use a special mechanism.

The details of this mechanism are not described, but it can be, for example, a proximity sensor. The researchers used their design to process a panoramic video on campus. They then showed this to 12 volunteers, finding that the visual hallucinations were similar to those caused by psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychoactive mushrooms.

Versatile Wireless Office System

Versatile wireless office system for the best headset for conference call has the following characteristics:

  • simultaneous connection to computer and phone;
  • noise-canceling microphone;
  • DECT radio standard;
  • the ability to adjust the range of the headset: 10, 50 or 100 meters;
  • a unique opportunity to hold conference calls (phone + computer, up to 3 additional interlocutors);
  • weight: 25 gr;
  • talk time – 9 hours;
  • headset activity indicator;
  • speaker volume control;
  • microphone mute button;
  • remote call acceptance by pressing one button.

It is necessary to analyze what devices you will need to connect to in order to select a headset compatible with the telephone system. If you need further advice, you can always contact a Jabra representative. The researchers note that the “hallucination machine” provides a powerful new tool that helps to resume studies of altered states of consciousness.

But this is only the first generation of such a device, the system is very flexible and can be changed in different ways. Scientists believe that the levels at which the “hallucination machine” can be set – from low to high distortions – may correspond to the levels of visual processing in the brain, but all this remains to be determined in future studies. The perfect solution for a very noisy office with lots of distracting sounds.