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Best Mac.OS Antivirus

Looking for some best antivirus for Mac? Well, keep in mind that you are not only looking for any antivirus but an antimalware software because the virus is just one type of malware and it’s rare today.  Most malware is Trojan. These are pieces of software’s which you install yourself because you are tricked to download it from a website you shouldn’t trust.

Sometimes that website is itself malware and sometimes malware comes along when you run the software. Now when you want to protect your Mac from that malware so what software should be the best?

Well, the good news is, the best protector against malware is already in your Mac. It’s included as a part of Mac OS. For years now Apple has included antimalware in the operating system.  You may have not heard about it because they don’t talk about this feature. The reason is they don’t want to publicize that there are Trojan out there for Mac. Now this protection software has 3 parts. First part is called gatekeeper except you won’t find anything called gatekeeper on your Mac anymore. If you will go to the system preferences and then you go to the security and privacy and if there you look under the general category you will find there is an option of allow apps downloaded from. Years ago they had an icon here called gatekeeper but it is replaced by these setting now. You can’t even change them unless you authorize it. So this is like your first defense against malware.

If the apps in the app store are submitted by an identified developer with a developer account with the apple then apple reviewed it before it allows it on the app store. It’s not a perfect system but it allows apple to check a lot of things including whether the app represents security, privacy, vulnerability and quality guidelines which apple expect it’s developers to follow. If Apple feels that the developer has not fulfilled the guidelines and there is a problem with the app then it takes out the developer’s ability to produce new apps in the app store or even as a signed developer. So a gatekeeper is a kind of gateway system which prevents things from getting installed.

 Now check out the second part which is known as Xprotect. It prevents you from downloading some of the worst pieces of malware. It works the same as an antivirus. It has identifiers which identify whether the software has any malicious content in it or not. You can check it from your Mac operating system and can also update it.

Gateway stops you from downloading thing which you probably shouldn’t. Xprotect is the next line defense which makes sure that even if you have given permission then it won’t allow some of the worst malware to harm your device. Now there is something beyond these two which is called MRT, malware removal tool. This is the app in your Mac which removes the pieces of malware. You can also find it if you go to “about this mac” option.  If you still want to use a third-party antivirus then you can also do so.