PC Matic: A Brief Review of the Main Features

Choosing antivirus, you must have noticed how similar all of them are. However, PC Matic is sure to stand out a lot. It has an interesting approach to detecting malware. Also, it brings lots of tools to help you maintain good PC’s performance. Let’s discover how PC Matic managed to remain unique and some useful facts about the program.

Malware Protection

This is the only software in the market that is based on whitelisting instead of blacklisting. It’s an unusual approach that looks completely the opposite to many leaders like McAfee, Bitdefender, Avast, Norton, etc. These programs make the list of known threats and malware. PC Matic does no such thing.

The algorithm has a cloud-based database or list of harmless apps and programs. All the other options are considered dangerous and blocked. While it’s definitely a very safe way to ensure computer’s protection, the list is not big enough. Consequently, the abundance of false positives appears. It’s quite irritating and time-consuming. The suspicious and unidentified files are sent to the research team. Within 24 hours, they either whitelist or block it. When you check in later, you will notice the change of the labels. You can read in our PC Matic review more about this algorithm and its peculiarities.

What Else can PC Matic do?

As it comes with different optimization tools, the program maintains the PC’s performance by:

  1. Removing junk files,
  2. Cleaning up the registry,
  3. Running defragmentation,
  4. Installing the updates for your software,
  5. Fixing small glitches in programs and apps,
  6. Optimizing the computer, etc.

It’s just a fraction of the services you get.

The Variety of Scanning Options Available

So far, you must have noticed that PC Matic is non-traditional. Therefore, the scanning options differ as well. Let’s compare it to the “traditional” antivirus scans.

Using the leaders in the market, a user often gets to run a quick scan, a folder scan, a full scan, etc. The software in question has only one option. You’ll get the fullest scan imaginable. It includes not only malware detection but also disk defragmentation, dealing with performance issues, etc. At first, it runs diagnostics and then reacts to the list of things that need intrusion. The report is also very detailed. It’s color-corrected for your convenience but there are too many colors used. You’ll see that the failed tests are red, the successful ones are green, the skipped tests are gray, etc. You’ll also see yellow, blue, purple colors along with the tips on how to react.

The bright side is that before you run this test, you can manually adjust the setting and uncheck the boxes you don’t need. Leave only virus scans to get the simplest and quickest results.  

PC Matic is Best For

Several types of users are likely to benefit from this software. The first group includes users with very outdated operating systems. If you still use Windows XP or Windows 7, you’ll be pleased to know that this software is compatible with these outdated versions. Another group of users who are likely to find it suitable are people who need the all-in-one product. This antivirus comes with a bundle of tools and utilities that maintain the system’s smooth performance.

The Verdict

PC Matic is an interesting choice of antivirus. It has some unique features that make it stand out along with a long list of pros & cons. The extra tools that come as a part of the bundle make it rather appealing. Now you know enough to decide if this is the option you are looking for. Mind that it works on Windows and Android-running devices only.