Avast VPN Torrenting

Avast SecureLine VPN is a VPN client for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, which provides online privacy, providing security for any network (including Wi-Fi), hidden web surfing and unlocking online content with an anonymous and encrypted connection.

Avast SecureLine VPN Features

This is an easy-to-use application for anonymous web surfing. There are a large number of available servers in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, and many other countries. Your online activity will be completely hidden from prying eyes.

  • Fast encryption of internet connection
  • VIP calls from Skype, Viber, and other instant messengers
  • Preventing the recording of information from your computer
  • Makes anonymous search history in the browser and correspondence in social networks
  • Using powerful OpenVPN protocols to protect personal data
  • There is a version of Avast SecureLine for mobile devices Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Available easy and convenient selection of a specific server to access sites
  • Provides complete security in public unprotected Wi-Fi networks and hidden web surfing.

It is worth noting that many users distinguish Avast Security Line against the background of analogs, thanks to stable updates from the official website of developers. More than 5 years of innovation brought the application to the same level with more well-known competitors.

What is good in Avast SecureLine VPN

This is a real solution for free surfing the Internet, without problems and interruptions. The program provides complete confidentiality and freedom in using the Internet:

  • Unlock Online Content
  • Does not require special knowledge
  • Large selection of fast servers
  • High speed of the program
  • Anonymous file download/upload
  • Detailed monitoring of the Wi-Fi access point
  • Integration with antivirus Avast Free Antivirus;

Reliable protection and data encryption from hackers in real time

Compatibility of the new version of the VPN client with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS

Hiding a virtual private network from third-party users and malicious effects. Key features allow you to make VIP-calls with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoiper Communicator, Tango Video Calls and so on. You can quickly change the IP address and access any site that is blocked in your region. Software from Avast Software reliably scans the anonymity and security of any public wireless networks. The utility checks the search engines of your browsers and can automatically clear the history of requests and visits. You can also choose which sites to blacklist.

Is Avast useful for torrenting?

Judging by the Privacy Policy, you will find some disturbing details about third-party analytic tools (such as Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, and AppsFlyer) used by Avast, which actually collect data about you and your online activity. In addition, Avast VPN maintains connection logs.

In addition, Avast VPN also maintains connection logs as well as personal information, including full name, sensitive data, and activities.

The second worrying point is that Avast has a rather weak variety of VPN protocols, offering only IPsec and OpenVPN over UDP. On the other hand, this may be enough for a torrent. Your Internet traffic is encrypted using military grade encryption (AES-256), which is now the standard in this market.

Although Avast VPN has DNS leak protection, it still cannot solve the WebRTC leak issue.

Therefore, this VPN software does not meet our criteria to be a good candidate for a torrent. Simply put, Avast VPN is not designed to provide privacy and streaming. Of course, this can improve over time. However, at the moment, we do not advise you to use Avast VPN for the torrent, mainly due to questionable privacy.